The 365 Q&A: Kathy Lloyd

by "Football 365"

Page Three's Finest On Her Anfield Love Affair, High Heels And Her New Football Video. Plus: Just How Much Does She Really Know About Liverpool In The 365 Quiz?

Q: Your new video (Kathy Lloyd's Kit Off Special) is heavy on the flesh and light on the football. How would you describe it?

A: "It's just a bit of fun really. I wanted to do an A-Z of sex initially but the production company went off the idea when they heard my suggestion for A! So they decided to do a football special and we took it from there. You couldn't describe any of the girls in the video as brilliant footballers but people won't be buying it for that, will they? Basically, it's got loads of beautiful girls talking about their football fantasies, having a kickabout and then racing off to the showers!"

Q: Loads of celebrities these days claim to be fans and have jumped on the football bandwagon. Are you just another hanger-on or are you really mad for it?

A: "I've been a Liverpool fan all my life. I grew up in Aintree which is a big Red area of the city and all my family were Liverpool supporters. Well, all my family except one uncle who was an Evertonian and he was seen as the black sheep of the family. I love the whole atmosphere of going to a match and the socialising afterwards."

Q: But your boyfriend's an Arsenal fan. Doesn't that cause problems between the two of you, especially when Liverpool are playing the Gooners?

A: "No, because Arsenal haven't beaten us for about five years! But it is the only thing we have serious rows about. My fella is usually quite understanding if Liverpool aren't doing too well but now we have moved out of the bottom half of the table, he's not so cocky. I think he's getting worried we might finish higher up the table than them."

Q: You must get recognised at matches all the time. Doesn't all the terrace banter bother you when you're trying to enjoy the game?

A: "No, it's part of the fun. It's annoying when I'm at Highbury with my boyfriend, though, because all the Scousers shout and ask why I'm sitting at the Arsenal end. The worst time was a couple of seasons ago at Highbury when I got dressed up to the nines and decided to wear high heels. I thought I looked great but by the time the game started my toes were going numb with the cold and I had to borrow somebody's gloves to put over my toes. Some of the crowd thought that was hilarious!"

Q: So what was the first Liverpool game you went to and what do you remember about it?

A: "I can't remember who we were playing but the first time I went to Anfield was when I was four years old. An uncle took me and I watched the game on his shoulders with all his mates. I remember more about after the game because he took me to the pub and I spent the rest of the night crawling around on the floor while he and his mates carried on drinking."

Q: Who is your favourite current Liverpool player?

A: "It depends on who is scoring the important goals at the time but at the moment it is Titi Camara. His dad died on the same day Liverpool were playing West Ham but he insisted on playing anyway and scored the winner. I thought that showed fantastic commitment to the club and you can't help loving him for it."

Q: So who is your all-time Liverpool player?

A: "Kenny Dalglish. He was a bit of a god, wasn't he? He was brilliant for us as a player and he was a great manager as well. I used to like Kevin Keegan but then he had a go at the club in some book and I thought, 'Sod you then!' Kenny was fantastic to watch and it was really sad when he left the club. I don't blame him for walking out, though, because he was suffering from the stress of managing a big club like Liverpool."

Q: Football is becoming more and more popular with women these days. Why do you think the fairer sex have suddenly started taking more of an interest in the beautiful game?

A: "When people like Eric Cantona started doing catwalk shows in places like Milan, footballers became pin-ups. Girls used to follow pop stars but now it's footballers. They're on the front pages on magazines now as well as the back pages of the newspapers and their profile in the eyes of women has been raised. A lot of women love the football but a whole new generation now love the footballers."

OK, so you say you're a big Liverpool fan. We've got 15 questions for you on your favourite team. See how you get on...

Q: When was the last time Liverpool won the league title?

A: "Er, ten years ago? No, nine." (Correct)

Q: Who is the current Liverpool manager?

A: "Gerard Houllier. That's easy." (Correct)

Q: Who is your club record signing?

A: "No idea." (Answer - Stan Collymore for 8.5m from Nottingham Forest in June 1995)

Q: Name Liverpool's current Cameroon international?

A: "I think it's Song, but I can't remember his first name." (Correct - Rigobert Song)

Q: What nationality is Dieter Hamann?

A: "He must be German." (Correct)

Q: Who was your top scorer last season?

A: "Probably Michael Owen." (Correct)

Q: What was the last trophy Liverpool won?

A: "That's too hard." (Answer - the 1995 League Cup)

Q: Which Italian club did Ian Rush sign for in the 1980s?

A: "Juventus." (Correct)

Q: Who is Jamie Redknapp married to?

A: "Easy peasy. Louise." (Correct)

Q: What is the name of the Dutch goalkeeper you bought in the summer?

A: "No idea." (Answer - Sander Westerveld)

Q: What is the name of Everton's ground?

A: "Goodison." (Correct)

Q: Which Liverpool player was known as 'Crazy Horse'?"

A: "Kevin Keegan?" (Answer - Emlyn Hughes)

Q: Name either two of the former Liverpool defenders who now appear on Match Of The Day?

A: "Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson." (Correct - but no bonus points for getting them both!)

Q: What nationality was Bruce Grobbelaar?

A: "South African?" (Answer - Zimbabwean)

Q: For which club did Steve McManaman sign this summer?

A: "Real Madrid?" (Correct) 365 VERDICT: A respectable score from the delicious Ms Lloyd, backing up her claims to be a true Anfield devotee. We really shouldn't have doubted her!