Captain Emlyn Hughes proudly lifts the FA Cup in 1974 Final

How much do you know about LFC?

1 How many FA Cups did Bob Paisley win for Liverpool?
2 Who was the first ever Liverpool captain to lift the FA Cup?
3 When was LFC's last league championship?
4 How many European Champions Cups have the club won?
5 Which club is currently Liverpool's "feeder club"?
6 Who was Liverpool's most expensive signing before Stan Collymore?
7 Name the club's sponsor before Carlsberg
8 Which is the only club which had eliminated the Reds out of European competitions twice?
9 Who played the most games for Liverpool in European competitions?
10 Who is Liverpool's most expensive sale?
11 Who scored Liverpool's fastest ever hat-trick?
12 Which ex-Liverpool player has Everton as his middle name?
13 Name 5 current players who supports Everton as boys.
14 Who is the only one to appear in all Liverpool's European Cup Finals?
15 Name the first player to have captained both Everton & Pool in league


The Answers