Robbie Fowler

Food Special Fried Rice
Drink Coke
Actor None
Actress Demi Moore
TV Show Only Fools & Horses
Film In The Name of the Father
fowler's "I want to go on to break all the goalscoring records but that's easier said than done. For now I'll be happy with a regular place in the Liverpool side."

26 Aston Villa(H) League 8.10.94
Jones' blocked shot falls to Fowler who drives it into the top corner from far.
27 Villa(H) League 8.10.94
From outside the area, Fowler shoots low past the keeper at the near side.
28 Blackburn(A) League 15.10.94
A left footed shot that got deflected off a defender and it went over Flowers and into the net.
29 Wimbledon(H) League 22.10.94
Fowler swept the ball into the net right footed from a McManaman's cross.
30 Ipswich(A) League 29.10.94
Rush's shot was saved but Fowler follows up and taps it into the net.
31 Ipswich(A) League 29.10.94
Bjornebyes' pass puts him through and he clips it over the 'keeper into the top corner.
32 Forest(H) League 5.11.94
Deflection off Fowler from a Redknapp shot. Credited to Fowler though.

goal 33


Chelsea(H) League 9.11.94
Fowler takes Molby's pass forward and drives a left footed shot into the corner.


Chelsea(H) League 9.11.94
Fowler heads Jones' cross from the right into the net from inside the area.


Tottenham(H) League 26.11.94
McManaman is fouled and from the spot kick, Fowler sends the keeper the wrong way.


Leicester(A) League 26.12.94
Fowler drives home from the spot from a mysterious penalty.


Man City(H) League 28.12.94
A screaming left footed shot outside the area into the top corner of the goal.


Leeds(A) League 31.12.94
Fowler's low left footed shot went into the corner despite Lukic getting a hand to it.


Norwich(H) League 2.1.95
Fowler puts the ball between the keepers' legs from a tight angle on the right hand side.


Norwich(H) League 2.1.95
Fowler got on to James' clearance and fires into the corner from outside the area.


Forest(A) League 4.2.95
Fowler puts McManaman's pass into the far corner from inside the area.


Palace(H) Coke SF1 15.2.95
Fowler got the ball inside the area and fires home with his right foot.


Wimbledon(H) FA 5th 19.2.95
Fowler tapped home Bjornebye's cross from inside the 6 yard box with his right foot.


Newcastle(H) League 4.3.95
Redknapp's shot rebounded off the post and Fowler scores from on the goal line.


Palace(A) Coke SF2 8.3.95
Left footed low drive into the far corner from a tight angle on the left hand side.


Tottenham(H) FA QTR 11.3.95
Bullet header into the net from a Walter's cross.


Soton(H) League 5.4.95
Penalty awarded after Walters was fouled in the area and Fowler shoots to the right of the keeper.


Arsenal(A) League 12.4.95
McManaman squares the ball to Fowler who taps it into the roof of an empty net with his left foot.


Leicester(H) League 17.4.95
Fowler shoots with the left foot from outside the area into the corner of the Kop net.

49th goal


Tottenham(A) League 26.8.95
Fowler's right fppted volley into the net from a McManaman's cross.

1-25  51-75 76-100

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