The History of Liverpool Football Club

The Shankly Gate

Much effort has been put into researching the history of Liverpool FC.
Full credits must go to David Prole for his brilliant Unofficial Biography of Liverpool,
Stephen F. Kelly's Illustrated History of Liverpool 1892-1996
and the Official yearbook of Liverpool 1997-98 for providing detailed
information of the club. This is by no means a comprehensive biography of the club history.
The Mersey Reds team would like to apologise for
 any fact which has been misrepresented and welcome all constructive criticism.

As the whole of this segment has been painstakingly
researched and written; any intention to reproduce, copy
or transmit any part of this publication must be made
with the permission of the author. Thanks.
You'll Never Walk Alone

How it all began Pre Shankly days The Resurrection
Bob Paisley's Era Fagan and Daglish Souness and Evans
Looking forward