French Revolution!

Houllier (right) with his assistant, Phil Thompson

Gerard Houllier's passion for the club first surfaced during his stint as a teacher in Liverpool in the 60s! The Frenchman was largely credited with the revamping of the France national side and youth training system. As the technical director, he was instrumental in the success of the French national team in the 1998 World Cup tournament. His only club success came in 1986 when his club then Paris-Saint Germaine won the French title.

When Liverpool chairman Peter Robinson approached him for the joint-manager job at his beloved club, he simply could not refuse. After the brief partnership with Evans, Houllier was left in sole charge. The Frenchman brought in a former Reds fav, Phil Thompson as his assistant.

In his first season in total control (1999/2000), he made a stunning move to dispose of the captain Paul Ince and brought in a few relative non-knowns from Europe. He transformed the defence which in recent years had become abit of a laughing stock into the meanest in the league. After bringing young Emile Heskey into the club, and struggling all year with injuries within the squad, Houllier's team came narrowly close to a place in the European Champions Cup tournament.

We believe, Houllier with all his experience, will bring Liverpool back to its glorious days. With fresh experienced recruits like Babbel and McAllister, the future of the team looks promising.  Afterall, if Manchester United (ManUre) can wait 26 years for their first title in 1993, what's 11 years ? Shankly also once had a drought of  7 years. Keep the faith fans. You'll Never Walk Alone.

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